7 reasons why wool covers are so easy…Plus More

Wool covers or wool soakers are making a great comeback for their practicality and ease of use. Just as cloth nappies are making the same comeback for modern parents.

ecoposh wool cover
Wool covers were a standard item before plastic pants with terry toweling nappies. Grandmothers and mothers would knit them up for their children. They would be hand washed and lanolised with very old methods that were time consuming.
ecoposh wool soakers
In our modern age, the washing, lanolising and use of wool covers has come a really long way. But before we touch on their care and use, let me list the things I love about wools soakers.
1) They are made from natural materials, wool.
2) They can be made waterproof with natural items, lanolin.
3) They are easier to wash and care for these days with the advancements of putting lanolin into suspension or spray packs.
4) They don’t need to be washed every day.
5) They can be used on any cloth nappy, not just prefolds and fitteds.
6) They are fun to knit.
7) Are a perfect night time solution.
8) They can absorb up to 40% of their weight in liquid.
What isn’t so great?
1) They need to be hand washed, but with the range of wool or delicate washes now available, its a lot easier. Plus you only need to wash every other day, if the soaker is unsoiled.
2) The price, I know. But you only need one or two wool covers. The cost is due to the time to knit them up and the natural material used.
At Apikali we have a range of wool soakers in style and material. Grovia and Ecoposh are a pull up style of soaker. They have little legs to make a small pants. This can help with containment. Their colour range is basic though.
grovia wool cover
Imse Vimse are a velcro cover made of natural, high quality materials. This style is particularly great to get a fantastic fit and easier to put on and off.
imse vimse wool cover
Tennille also makes Apikali wool soakers in merino or alpaca wool. Alpaca wool is great for kids who have a sensitivity to sheep wool. I also make them in nice colours to add a bit of zest to their night time sleeping.
apikali wool soaker
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