5 Steps to Preventing Nappy Rash

prevent nappy rash cloth nappiesPreventing nappy rash is about consistency in practice and responding to the changes that occur in your baby. These changes may include teething, starting solids or illness.
We have previously discussed the different causes for nappy rash and their potential cures, you can find the information HERE. The prevention strategies we are suggesting in this article relate to general nappy rash.
There are 5 steps to assist in preventing general nappy rash.
– Nappy free time as much as possible. Invest in a waterproof playmat that is big enough that as baby begins to move around it can accommodate their new playing area.
– Frequent nappy changes, at least every 2-3 hours or when a poo has arrived. This is particularly important for a newborn, as their skin is still developing and very sensitive.
– A pre or post rinse cycle when washing your cloth nappies to ensure all detergents are removed. Ensure you are using detergent free from bleach, whiteners or softeners for your baby’s skin.
– Using a barrier between your baby’s bottom and the cloth nappy, this could be in the form of a liner or a cream. A reusable or disposable liner are perfect to use, however a reusable liner has the benefit of being stay dry by wicking moisture away from your baby’s bottom. A barrier cream can assist in healing as well as reducing the contact between skin and urine/poo.
– Allowing the sensitive skin of baby to breathe by not bathing too often or extensively, and avoiding synthetic products. Some synthetic materials, such as disposable nappies, can cause skin irritations.
How will you know, what will work, and what wont?
As a mum, its all about experimentation and following your gut. I fully recommend getting to know your baby’s bottom and their output very well. The beauty of cloth nappies is that there is no way around it. Cloth nappies allow you to know the smell and density of wee better than disposables. This can lead you to understanding what may be causing the nappy rash. Now getting to know your baby’s poos is also important. Like us, any changes in patterns indicates a potential issue.
Yes, its gross. Yes, its smells. BUT its so important and in our household has assisted us in identifying any issues very quickly, in consultation with doctors and therapists where needed.
Remember what is normal for your child, may not be normal for another. All of our children have different outputs and needs. But in observing, we have been able to tackle any issues very quickly.
If you have any concerns or the rash is not clearing up, please see your GP as soon as possible.
For more information on suitable creams for cloth nappies, pop across Sallys blog, cream.
So dont shy away from this very important topic, embrace it and use a peg for your nose if you must!
Tell us how do you help prevent cloth nappy rash? Do you have a favourite barrier cream or liner?
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