5 min Meal with Jenny from Baby Bare – Marinated Lamb Salad

5 min meal jenny baby bare lamb marinate

Marinated Lamb Salad

You can use the marinate steak (or beef stir fry strips), lamb or chicken. This is a perfect easy meal to use whats in the fridge.

Today in our fridge I have some lamb cutlets because thats what was on sale this week. I often make the same meal with a leg of lamb cut up into chunks or lamb fillets and BBQ it. Sometimes I do it with steak strips and fry it up on the stove top.


1 Part Soy Sauce
1 Part Balsamic Vinegar
1/2 Part Olive Oil
Garlic (I use crushed bottled garlic, but you could just as easily use cloves especially if you marinate it for a while).
Rosemary if you have it.

Either use the meat tray the meat came in, or grab a bowl. Throw in equal parts of Vinegar, Soy sauce and then 1/2 as much oil as soy/vinegar.

Either stir in a large teaspoon of crushed garlic or rub it into the top of the meat if they are in the meat tray.

You can marinate it for as long or short amount of time as you like. Choose to BBQ or cook on the stove in a frying pan.


I serve this on salad. This works really well if you’ve done it on the stove top as you can use the marinade as a kind of dressing over the top.

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Make a salad bed with all your favourites. Here are some ideas of what I use (the magic is you include what you love and have on hand):

Salad greens

Cheese (Feta, Shaved Parmesan or Tasty Cheese – whatever!)

Pine Nuts or Cashew Nuts

Chopped Carrots








In tonights salad I’ve included lettuce greens, carrots, tasty cheese, tomato, avocado and Pine Nuts.

I’ve served the lamb cutlets on top of my salad and its delicious with all the extra bits!


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