Our 2015 Apikali Customer Service Review

Wow what a year, 2014, at Apikali. We grew, we met new parents and we attended so many Expos to chat cloth nappy and eco living. The highlight for me was the PBC Expo in Brisbane telling parents about Grovia.

I love getting out there and talking to new parents or ‘old hats at the worlds most important job’. As such, I found I was struggling to get out there, to be seen as I was chatting to all of our great parents via email or our Facebook Page. I had to get out from behind my computer, so we welcomed Trudy into our lovely Apikali Team.

Besides being a long time, family friend, Trudy has worked years in retail and for one of the oldest cloth nappy brands in Australia. She has also cloth nappy-ed 3 kids full time. Trudy was the perfect person to join me to talk to our community. Her presence has allowed me to reach out further, to meet new mums and dads and to share some practical information about cloth nappying.

Bringing Trudy in and handing over the reigns has been challenging at times. Ensuring we follow up all our customer queries and orders. We have not been perfect, all of the time. But we have always been honest and shared our own journey with customers. We never want to be a faceless, big company.

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We have funneled or streamlined how you contact us and how we talk to you, so that we can provide you with the most efficient and in-depth customer service where we can. We have chosen email as our epi-centre of customer love. Why email? Heres why:

1) It allows us to respond to your queries at any time of the day, and always much quicker than via a phone message.

2) We understand that you are a new parent, or a parent of young ones, just like us. So being able to contact us at any time, helps organise your day better.

3) Email helps us keep track of your order queries, your questions regarding cloth nappying. This history is so important to us, so that we can refer to a conversation we may have had a few days ago.

4) The email history also helps us ensure we have explained any questions you may have as clearly as we can.

5) Email allows us to use pictures/videos to correct any fit issues or order concerns.

6) Emails allows us to reach out further to the community as parents of young children.


But I would like to share with you, on a very personal note, why we don’t have a phone number. My Abbey has uncontrolled seizures which occur at any time of the day. I never want to be on a phone call and this occurs. It would be horrible for you. For me, I manage it everyday, but I don’t want this for you. I want to concentrate on your needs entirely, and this I can do best via email and Facebook. (For Trudy, she also has her challenges, which she may share in time. But it is not for me to say here.)

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We firmly believe email is the best communication avenue between us and our community. Trudy and I will always work to ensure our systems are awesome and efficient. We will never claim to be perfect. We would rather make mistakes, pick ourselves up and learn.

So please feel free to drop us a line at any time. Say hello, as a questions. We love to chat.

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