2014 – A time for SERIOUS…Sillies

Its a New Year at Apikali, and I am so excited. At this time last year we made the following promises to you:

1. Apikali will always provide personal customer service as we are truly grateful for every purchase made, as it allows us to expand our dreams and assist in providing a financial future for Abbey. 

We really like to think that we achieved this goal. Sometimes your order didn’t go to plan, but we always try to find an easy solution. Here is a little statistic for you…under 5% of our orders experienced any issues with available stock. We like to send a big thankyou to our Suppliers for helping us provide you with great products. We continue to work closely with our suppliers to update stock levels and when new stock is becoming available. There are new prints, products and brands joining us in 2014.

2. Apikali will always let you know what is happening with your order. 

Now we know we had issues with this promise during 2013. And all honesty, its because we grew 5 fold in a very short period of time. I just could not keep up with sending out the email notices about shipment. But I did always let you know if something was not available or delayed. How have we fixed it? Well we employed an amazing lady, Susan Hand, to find us a new e-commerce solution which is really powerful and has automated shipping notifications. So when we launch the new website, hopefully February, these customer services will be more informative for you. But as always, thankyou for your patience and support as we grow to serve you.

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3. Apikali will continue to find quality AND value for money products. 

We very easily achieved this one, as there are so many eco products out there, that are also affordable. We have a new product for you, which we have been designing. Our special needs area has also grown, and the word is getting out there, but not fast enough. So if you know anyone with a child who has special requirements, then let them know about us please.

4. Apikali will continue to provide unbiased and honest advice. 

This is the favourite part of my job. I hold no affiliation to any brand. As long as the brand fits our stringent criteria, then we can be brutally honest. We don’t believe that just because it looks pretty it will serve your purposes. We ask you to continue to ask us about the products and sharing your experiences to help other parents.

5. We want you to buy through us, as it helps us with Abbey. 

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. We are currently saving up for a therapy pool for our Abbey. We have raised over $6,000 with the sale of Apikali Nursing Pads, Fundraising items and many small donations. As Apikali is growing, we are getting closer to our goal of Apikali providing for all of Abbeys medical and therapy needs. With the big growth we have had this year, we believe this will happen sooner than later.

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In 2014, we aim to keep the same promises to you. They are central to Apikali, to our family and our Abbey.

Happy New Year and Welcome to Apikali.

Tennille, James, Abbey.

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